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This is a work in progress. More added soon. This is a 100% opinion page, no affiliate links or anything, just straight up stuff we love. You'll notice quite a few restaurants on/near Williamson Street  - what can I say, we like to walk to our food, so I'm a little biased toward the amazing neighborhood we live in.

Local Restaurants/Bars

A Pig in a Fur Coat
Pricey but amazingly delicious.



El Dorado Grill
Dinner is fine (not great) here, but the real star is the amazing Mexican-style brunch. I'm not generally a Bloody fan, but get the Bloody Murder made with their homemade chile vodka. It's the best I've ever had.

Red Sushi

The Weary Traveler
I've yet to find a burger in Madison that really knocks my socks off, but the Bad Breath burger here is the closest I've gotten. Also amazing: their vegan Tom Ka Tofu soup.

Old Sugar Distillery
Really good drinks if you're a whiskey or brandy fan. (Careful, they're strong!)

Mickey's Tavern
Fun bar with live music and decent drinks.

Grampa's Pizzeria
We've eaten a lot of pizza in Madison. This is the best. Also currently competing with El Dorado for best brunch. (Grampa's eggs benedict is awesome.)

Banzo and Banzo Shuk
Madison's most popular food cart serving the city's best falafel. Also a sit-down restaurant, and Banzo Shuk has sweet potato falafel!


Ha Long Bay
No website. Can be hit and miss with such a big menu, but deserves a spot on here just for the incredible Massaman Curry with Mock Duck I had here. Also featured on Food Network's Bizarre Foods.

Mother Fool's Coffee Shop
Exactly the kind of environment you'd think of for a perfect coffee shop. Also has a wide selection of vegan treats. 

The Old Fashioned
A Madison classic.

Stores, Shops and Markets

Really nice local cheese.

The Conscious Carnivore
My new favorite place to buy meat. Focuses on local, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free meat. Really reasonably priced and helpfulnormalstaff.

Dane County Farmers' Market
A busy, fun event every Saturday on the square (and Wednesdays). They only allow food produced in Wisconsin by the vendor themselves. 

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